Wednesday, 15 September 2010

602 NORTH mendenhall

We are beginning our bungalow project this week and so we are took a field trip to a home that shows well the bungalow trends. We drew pictures, took photographs, and got a good idea of the home itself and now we are focusing on the design of one room in particular, the dining room. Some observations that i made were that the home's most used entrance was actually in the back. This is due to parking availability for the home owner. The decoration of the home did not include color. All of the walls, and shelving were white. The owner's style was very obviously simplistic modernist. It was without any unnecessary embellishment. Designing with the rest of the house in mind color is definitely a necessity for the dining room. If i were to put bold colors on the wall, or bold patter, it would be evened out by the surrounding rooms. The pattern or color would be less intrusive and bold, and would show through in a smaller scale into the other rooms. There was something calming about the lack of color, but it was at the same time unnerving. It will be interesting to explore color for the one room.

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