Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Response to First Article

(Upon viewing my blog this afternoon i realized that my internet cutting out made it so that my response was not visible. Please know that i had my response up by class on the twenty seventh)

Learning the origins of something that your passionate about is always not only interesting, but important. “Computing in Architectural Design” explains the origins of perspective and it’s influence on structural forms, and also gives a relatively detailed explanation of the origins of computer aided design programs. Even in 1963 a professor at MIT, Ivan Sutherland, envisioned the makings of the programs we use today. This notion is absolutely incredible. He was thinking WAY beyond his years to technology that we beginning to use today. His vision of “a designer seated at a console, drawing a sketch of his proposed device on the screen of an oscilloscope tube with a “light pen,” modifying his sketch at will, and commanding the computer slave to refine the sketch into a perfect drawing, to perform various numerical analyses,” is absolutely mind blowing. This is technology that we are refining to do just as he envisioned, and it’s fifty years in the future. What will we be doing fifty years from today? These programs are revolutionary and change the way that people function today. It’s difficult for people living now to understand how people lived a hundred years before us, but just think about how people a hundred years from now will view how we live our lives.