Monday, 24 November 2008

In class perspectives

In class we practiced drawing in one and two point perspectives. These are some examples of the in-class activities we did in our sketchbooks. We practiced drawing a corner of a room, with the walls protruding in different directions.

Mirage Brainstorm

For our latest project we were asked to come up with a design for the different island spaces located in the parking lot outside of the studio art center. Our final products had to be made out of cement. These are pages from my sketchbook of brainstorming ideas for our concepts and actual designs.


In our drafting class we had several new projects in which we developed more detailed skills in the layout of our designs, or activities. We are starting to take things a step more professional. These pictures depicted above and bellow are activities we were assigned out of our textbooks that we had to measure in 1/8" scale, double the number, and then recreate it in 1/4" scale. 
This was initially a challenge but as we progressed, it came more easily. 


One of my favorite projects we did this semester was to take what we learned in class about perspectives and put it to work. We were set out to take pictures of first, a birds eye view (below), an interior, an object, and an exterior. This activity made me much more confident in my skills as a drawer. It was very time consuming but i was satisfied with my final product.