Monday, 8 December 2008


The projects that i listened to this semester all made me extremely excited for the upcoming four years. There are so many different details to focus on. I imagine it would get very tedious but i know i will enjoy it. 
On of my favorite projects that i got to see and hear about was the space entitled "sprouts." I really liked how the presenter spoke of her design and she was very thoughtful with every detail of her design. She presented very clearly and got straight to the point. You knew, just by listening to the way that she spoke of her work that everything she included had a very specific purpose.
I cannot wait to design like this.

The Final Product

For our final presentation the group designated to create the final display of our plans and models set everything up in the lobby of the studio art center. They displayed photos of students working on their cement pieces and also included the plans and section views we created, and some of the thought process or "throw up" sheets. The background of brown paper created a perfect datum line that really pulled all of the pieces together. 
After explaining our designs to some of onlookers outside in our designated spaces we came inside to our display and one person from each group explained what their group designed, and how they came up with it. 
The audience seemed to like what we said, but, since we are first years, we definitely had a lot to fix, so they had many helpful criticisms as well.
This whole process was a great learning experience. I learned how to speak more clearly about and make my thought process more understandable.