Thursday, 28 August 2008

Sketches (in class work)

I found with the above two images that it was a very powerful technique to use in that it forces the artist to look at the objects in a different way. From a new perspective you focus on the shapes of the object, all the curves, and ultimately become more creative in your perspectives.

I found the upside down technique used for the above image really helped me to focus on the particular lines of an image. It helped me to see what i am actually focusing on when i draw an image.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Favorite Blogs

One of my favorite blogs to read through was Tommy Kane's. You can find it at Through his blog Tommy Kane uses his refreshing sense of humor and paints of very clear picture of who he is, and how he views others. 
One piece of work of his that stood out to me is the very colorful painting of the model, and pictures of what she eats throughout the day. His comment on this piece of art i found particularly amusing as well. He explains how people will comment on his crude sense of humor, while he finds this sort of humor endearing and "human." My favorite part of this comment is where he says, "life imitates art." This quote really made me think. Normally we say that art imitates life and to think of it in a new way was very refreshing.