Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Drafting Portfolio


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Music is one of my passions, and i think that a lot of creativity or thought stems from it. The guitar is one of my favorite instruments and takes a lot of precision and craft to make. 

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The bicycle is not only a very functional design, but it is very earth friendly and a fast way to get around, and keep healthy.
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The rubber band is also one of my favorite designs. Not only does it help when you haven't had enough time to do your hair, especially in this major. 

This house not only holds so many fond memories for me but it's location is perfect, two blocks from the southern jersey shore, and walking distance from every shop on the island. It is extremely functional, even for a family of seven. 

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A telephone is one design, or invention that has developed over time. It started out large and difficult to maneuver, but it is now small enough to fit in your pocket and works without buttons.  It's incredible to think of how things develop. 

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What did people do before there were doorknobs? Door's would not latch. They would stand open. YOu would have to prop something against them in order for them to stay shut. 

La Tour Eiffel is my favorite structure. A monument not only for France but for one of my fondest summers.

Although I don't get to see mine very often, being an I.Arc major, i think that a bed is my favorite thing. 


Shoes are some of my favorite items of clothing. They say a lot about the people wearing them. 

Surfboards are great designs as well, they have to be a certain form in order to cut through the wave, and almost like an upside down ship they have fins that allow them to move steadily down the wave. 

Coming Full Circle

Stewardship, or "the management of another's property, finances, or other affairs" is what architecture is all about. The property of others is in our hands, and we have to take into account everything that may affect. Finances, lifestyles, and many other important aspects of life revolve around it. 
Most design follows certain guidelines, trying to resemble it's surrounding buildings or environment. In that sense a community, "a particular area or space considered together with it's inhabitants,"  is created; but it is by using unique design that still connects with it's surroundings that we can be innovative. This idea of suburbia where people live in eerily similar houses that are designed in such a way that you have no obligation to ever know the people you live next to is truly creepy. 

Innovation, "a new method, idea or product," is how we move forward as a culture or civilization. If anything from this class i've learned that design is about innovation. This innovation can be achieved by taking from past designs and changing them to fulfill the function that is needed for our culture today. One building that i feel fulfills this idea of "innovation" is The Whitney Museum of Art in New York. 

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This Whitney Museum of American Art is made out of similar materials as its neighboring structures, but has a very unique shape so that it stands out. It is distinguishable from the other buildings.
The authenticity, "of undisputed origin," of past designs shows what is necessity and what is plainly for aesthetics, so by studying past designs we can decide for ourselves what we need, and what should be changed.
Monticello is a great example of the authentic design of the past that we should draw from. For the time period for which it was built it was extremely innovative with it's functionality and aesthetic value and today we draw from Jefferson's techniques of evaluation of what's needed.