Thursday, 28 January 2010

Explorations in Photoshop

The above images are what i used to create the collage below. We've learned several selection tools and photomerging techniques the past two weeks and with careful editing you can create smoother compositions that create an abstract feeling.

The image below is created by five images, a snowflake, a theme park, a ceiling, and a cathedral. I used these images to create a collage that fulfills the meaning behind the words ornate and metallic. Did i succeed?

HAITI support

Doing this project in studio makes me realize how self-sufficient i could be. To be able to create a relatively livable structure inspires confidence. Making these structures also shows me how much we waste, and what we're not doing with it. Our culture is so self centered. If we all worked together, every weekend even, we could do incredible things for other people in a very small amount of time. This project really makes me understand a little bit better how much we as people, as designers, as college students, are capable of. Is it laziness that keeps us from doing these things on our own? This is just one idea to help. THere are so many ways people can help each other. [we as a culture need to be more willing to help others.]

Monday, 25 January 2010

a Creative Narrative

Walking along the shore of Arcachon on this warm fall day i notice a large fort sitting in the open dunes. Through a small window i notice there are people inside and i can see through one of the openings as i get closer that there are three, two teenage boys sitting on a couch and a younger girl lying on the floor. Any other day this gray structure would have blended into the sandy dunes but i'm feeling particularly serene today and so i just took in my whole environment. This shelter felt like a place one can only find if they seek it. I decide to enter the fort. As i do the kids are leaving out of the other door and i worry that i had intruded, but it is apparent that they just simply found something else to do. The space is comfortable and inviting. It is a place to be alone, but still part of the nature around you. I can still feel the sand and hear the ocean clearly. The sun enters through the openings and the small window but does not intrude. A cool breeze filters through, shifting the fabric of the walls and ceiling, but not dangerously so. It is a shelter to gather one's thoughts momentarily in solitude, or stop to sit leisurely with friends as the children before me had been doing. After a moments observation i was on my way down the beach again, excited about my new discovery...

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Solo Reflection

Group Red Team (Clairissa Anderson, Hailey Allen, Jeff Lynne, Wesley Shamlian) was asked to design a makeshift shelter where people could socialize. With socializing in mind we came up with certain parameters we felt needed to be followed. When thinking about socializing and how people interact when they socialize we decided that our space should be warm, welcoming, comfortable, energetic, informal, relaxed, and meant for two or more people (since you cannot socialize by yourself.) We thought about pre-existing spaces where people socialize and decided that this space should be a size that allows for intimate socializing and a circular shape that makes everyone feel included and involved. Generally in places meant for socializing you see people standing and some people sitting so in our space we are including seating, as well as space enough for people to stand and still be a part of the social gathering. In order to create a larger space that maintains an intimate atmosphere we decided that a darker color scheme would be most appropriate, depending on the materials we obtain.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010